Warm Roofs – Roof Systems

Why a Bespoke Roof?

Conservatories are notorious for being too cold in winter and too hot in summer to use, meaning you can only use this room which have paid a lot of money for, for a very limited time of the year. A bespoke conservatory roof can resolve this year opening up your conservatory for use all year round. We can tailor the conservatory roof to fit your needs so that you get the perfect conservatory roof for your home.

Customise Your Roof

We can fit a roof to any existing conservatory frame without any reinforcement necessary due to our roofs being so lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand 6 tonnes of pressure. For a truly bespoke and stylish look, you can add roof windows to the conservatory to give a modern and chic look whilst maximising the amount of light coming into your conservatory, creating a magnificent room which is well lit and can be used throughout the year.